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Today’s the day you start to come out the other side of your divorce…stronger!

Let me help you on your journey!


In February of 2014, walked into the room where my husband was. We were 3 months shy of being married 19 years. He was sitting for 6 hours in his usual spot in the kitchen, staring at his computer. As soon as he was in my line of sight, I could feel the oppression in the room and his contempt for me.

I knew right then and there, I couldn’t take keeping the status quo another day!

Sound familiar?

So many women say to me, “I don’t know when I’ll get over this!”

I know…no one gets married just to get divorced. As women, we put so much of ourselves into our relationships. Especially, if it was a long-term marriage like mine. You start splitting that financial pie and your feelings can really get hurt when you see how this all comes out in the wash.

Programs like “Divorce Care” are great! They help so many people realize that divorce is a death…of a marriage. It’s normal and natural to go through all of the same stages of grieving you do when someone dies.

But I felt there was something missing.

Women were still left with trying to figure out how to piece everything back together. There were no action steps.

There is good news!

This is why I formed The Group. It’s where women like you can get equipped to move forward and take back the happiness that is your birthright!!

We’re not just like other support groups where you only share your feelings. We give you the next steps to advance and take ground!

It’s where you get to benefit from my 13 years of legal experience and training as a mediator, to help you prepare for life after divorce.

Being in The Group means you get…

  • SOLUTIONS, STRATEGIES and IDEAS on dealing with the challenges of life after divorce, like how to handle a difficult ex.
  • SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT from the testimonies, ideas and suggestions of other members, whether you’ve just filed for divorce yesterday or you’ve been divorced for years.
  • A LIVE GROUP VIDEO CHAT SESSION with me every month, where you can ask any question you want.
  • MONTHLY TRAINING VIDEOS on topics like - getting over an affair, speaking words of life over your situation, and tips on knowing when you’re ready to date again.
  • PLANNED GROUP DISCUSSIONS with other group members on our page every month on the things that are important to you.

The Group is a place were you won’t be judged. It’s where you belong!

You deserve to be supported and valued!

You can “kick the tires” and take a sneak peek at an except of one of our MONTHLY GROUP TRAINING VIDEOS below.

You get all of these benefits for less than the cost of a pedicure!

What’s holding you back?!

Jump in and join The Group today!

I want a happy single life

The Group Monthly Coaching Mentorship

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No long-term contracts. Mentorship is month-to-month. Cancel at anytime!

Mentorship runs for 30 days starting on the day you register and is automatically renewed each month on or about the same day of the following month. Cancellation must be made at least 5 days prior to your account being charged for the following month.

Your Mentorship rate will never increase! Your monthly price will never go up unless you cancel and rejoin The Group at a later date.

I invite you to walk along with us!


P.S. - No other divorce support group gives you what we offer.


Actual clients who
broke through!

Move on to the peace, joy and hope that is your birthright!

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