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for Women!

Come Out Stronger Academy℠ was created as an option to individual coaching services. It is an online resource for training, tips and strategies on topics specifically designed to address the needs and challenges of single moms, separated and divorced women.


Students can watch a class on various topics right from the privacy and convenience of their homes.  The classes are also INTERACTIVE for students who attend the taping of the LIVE class.  Students can ask questions specific to their situation during the live taping.

Your privacy is important to us.  When students sign in at the time of the live class, you only use your initials to join in.


You know in your heart that it’s not going to get any better.  You have fought until you don’t have any strength left.

This class blossomed out of frequent requests from women who wanted to know about the divorce process, but couldn’t afford an attorney or felt like they didn’t really need one because there isn’t much to fight over.

This is a THREE HOUR training class, broken into two separate 90 minute sessions. It takes you step-by-step from what you can do before you even say anything to your husband about divorce, to tying up loose ends after the judge signs your divorce papers.

FREE BONUS! You get access to the video version of our class to watch as ofter as you like, for as long as you like. The class video gives you each fill-in-the-blank workbook answer so you don’t have to worry about not being able to write fast enough and miss any important information.

As a FREE EXTRA BONUS, you also get a 33 page workbook that outlines the class. It’s free resource at your finger tips.


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So many moms are throwing their hands up in frustration.  They’re doing their best to fill two pairs of shoes.

But for whatever reason – immaturity, no interest, emotional junk, or just plain out revenge against you, your ex isn’t doing his job.  And you have these beautiful, wide-eyed kids asking questions about where dad is.  You’re grasping for something to tell them so that they don’t feel the sting of rejection.

Our first class, Help Heal Your Kids from Rejection by Their Dad (formerly under Divorced Divas Academy), was designed for moms who are struggling with handling the emotional wounding their children feel because their dad is absent or not meaningfully involved in their lives.

The one hour class includes 11 TIPS and STRATEGIES to help your kids feel like their voice matters, they are worth their dad’s time and they are not to blame for their dad’s behavior and so much more!

It also has 4 BONUS REFERENCE MATERIALS that point you to additional resources to help kids get over the hurt.

Move on to the peace, joy and hope that is your birthright!

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