• Family Law Attorney (Texas and New York)

  • Certified Advanced Attorney Mediator

  • And Yes, Divorced!

Hi, Im Laura Richardson.  If youre like me, youre not particularly crazy about describing yourself.  But, here is the place where you get to know me. I tend to be a little wordy, so Ill try my best to keep this short and sweet.


I’m a Life Coach with a passion to see women get the help, support and skills they need to live in the fullness of all of the promises for their lives after theyve gone through a divorce.
Ive been a licensed Attorney in New York for the past 22 years and Ive been practicing family law (or some call it matrimonial law) in Texas for 13 years. Im also a Mediator.  And my biggest cheerleader is my mom!
I grew up in New York; one of 5 girls.  I know, they tried to have a boylol.  Im a child of divorce.  My parents split when I was about 5 years old.  Im also divorced.  I was married 19 years when it ended in 2014.
I know what its like to be scared, pissed and confused all at the same time.  After all, I met my ex when I was 17.  I was with him all of my adult life.  I didnt know anybody else.  Not only was I miserable in my personal life, I was unhappy in my career.
When I got divorced, I said, its my time to take my happiness back!  Thats when I decided to transition from Lawyer to Life Coach.
My heart beats faster when I partner with my clients to come up with a strategy for a situation they thought would never go away anytime soon without an act of Congress!  
I’m a different type of Life Coach, in that, I do more than just inspire my clients. I harness my legal experience and training as a mediator to help my clients find “out-of-the-box” strategies and solutions to the challenges they have in life after divorce.
My passion is walking along side my clients who felt absolutely defeated, providing the support and training they need and launching them into a life filled with promise and hope.
Im so happy youre here!  I cant wait to connect with you and help you any way I can.


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