8 Do’s and Don’ts Before You File for Divorce

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8 Do’s and Don’ts Before You File for Divorce

Before You Say Anything to Your Husband…


This FREE video is for women who haven’t left yet, but are seriously considering or have decided to get a divorce.  Even if you’re separated already, you’ll benefit from what you’ll learn in this video.  You won’t regret spending time watching, 8 Do’s and Don’ts Before You File for Divorce.

Don’t just be lead by your emotions.  When you’re considering ending your marriage, you need to be strategic and set up your end as best you can before he even has an inkling you’re going in that direction.

Even if your husband is the one who is pulling away and saying that he wants a divorce, it’s best that you be in the best emotional and financial position as possible, even before he has a chance to act!


Here’s what you’ll know after watching our FREE video:

✅  How to set up your financial situation so that you don’t end up under pressure to make an agreement with your husband in your divorce that you might regret sooner than later.

✅  What to do and what might get you into trouble when gathering information about your assets and debts.

✅  Learn other ways to save time, effort and money in your divorce before you even get started.

✅  And so much more!


January FB Cover Pic - REVISEDIf you are not familiar with who I am, my name is Laura Richardson and I am a Life Coach, Family Law Attorney and Certified Advanced Mediator.  I have been a licensed attorney in New York for 22 years and licensed in Texas for 14 years, where I focused my practice almost exclusively in Family (Matrimonial) Law.  That means I deal with Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Modification of Prior Orders, Enforcement, Protective Orders and Adoptions.

I transitioned into Life Coaching in 2 years ago.  Today as a Life Coach, I help problems with your ex disappear!  Though I’m not practicing law anymore, except in limited circumstances, I harness my experience as an attorney and advanced mediator to help my clients come to an out-of-court answer to their on-going problems with their ex.

In this video, I share my experience and help women set up their end the best way possible so that they can avoid wasting time and expense because they just didn’t know before hand what they could do to make things move as smoothly as possible in their divorce process.


You’ll also get FREE one page fill in the blank HANDOUT that summarizes the video so you can have as a quick, convenient reference tool.

It’s QUICK and EASY! Just fill out the form below so we know where to send your FREE video and handout.


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