Step Out of Your Usual Routine and Try Something New!

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April 18, 2016
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April 27, 2016
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Step Out of Your Usual Routine and Try Something New!

So many times we get into a deep rut after a breakup from a marriage or a long-term relationship.  There is a time where we need to heal.  But sometimes we use that as an excuse to bury ourselves into what is familiar because comforting ourselves is what we normally do when we feel like we’re not in control of what’s going on around us or just stuck in the shock and trauma of our whole world changing.

As you start to get use to your “new normal”, it may be time for you to get out there and meet new people and try new things. So what are your interests? What are you fascinated about? Start there if you don’t know where to look or what to do to break yourself out of your rut.

I am always interested in learning more about the bible from a Hebraic (Jewish) perspective, so I went to a Passover Seder (observance) this weekend.  It was hosted by a messianic synagogue and I learned so much, including a little Hebrew!

Don’t be afraid to go by yourself. I went alone to the celebration not knowing one person there, except the rabbi, whom I met only a couple of times. Don’t toss out an idea because you think that most, if not all of the people that are likely to be there will not look like you or share your cultural background. I’ll have you know that there were many Black people (and Asian people) there at the Seder! I would not have expected that, but I would have never known if I didn’t take an chance and go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!



I had the pleasure of sitting next to a couple in their early to 50’s who just moved to Texas a few months ago and was looking for a good messianic synagogue to call home. The husband is a runner like me, so we had a good conversation and the wife gave me a great website to research more information on traditional feasts in the Old Testament.

Then there was also a couple in their late 30’s with 3 kids who also sat at our table. It was wonderful to watch the children learn and experience the Seder dinner from their point of view. They did get a little cranky at the end because it was a 4 hour dinner and they were really tired.

Screenshot 2016-04-26 10.09.03

So, do your makeup, put on your pretty dress and expect to have fun! Have a new adventure and keep a positive outlook. You just might make new job connection that could help your career or find friends that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be all the better for it!

In His love and care,

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